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Project Reference
The Netherlands

Logistics development for Primark in Netherlands – in 2 phases. Internal free height 17,25m with multilevel garment-on-hangers system. Location Roosendaal.

Logistics Capital Partners Responsibilities

Land Search and Acquisition

Land search in the South-West of the Netherlands for development land that could accommodate the complete Primark project. Negotiation of pricing and conditions with land owners in full transparency with Primark. As project developer, Logistics Capital Partners acquired the land selected by Primark.

Design and Zoning

Application for zoning change to accommodate extra building height. Design and permit application. Representing Primarks interests with the local authorities.

Contractor Tender

Preparation of technical tender specifications (tailored to Primarks requirements) and tender of General Contractors in full transparency with Primark. Circa 15% savings generated for Primark through competitive tendering.

Financing and Funding

Procuring of financing and project funding in cooperation with Dietz AG.

Project Management

Management of the project and construction until completion, taking into account the complex fit-out requirements of the occupier.

Asset Management

Logistics Capital Partners will be retained as Asset and Property Manager upon completion of the building.
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Primark Benefits


Significant savings generated by competitively tendering land and general contractor. Benefits are shared open-book with the occupier.


End-to-end service taking into account also the Primark fit-out requirements.


On time delivery for tenant operations through accelerated re-zoning process (3-4 months improvement versus normal process) and active construction management.
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