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Gianluca Fantoni

Gianluca Fantoni

Gianluca joined LCP as Director Development and Construction in 2017.

Gianluca has over 26 years of professional experience in managing real estate portfolios as well as in construction and asset management. He is a qualified member of the RICS and holds a degree in Architecture where he becomes a member of the professional register in Milan in 1998.

He starts his professional career in 1995 as a Carabinieri officer in the role of Property Manager, responsible for the Carabinieri Headquarter in Rome. Since 2000, he has been responsible for the Asset and Property Management for Milano San Felice, a private district in the eastern part of the city of Milan. In 2005, Gianluca started his experience in the logistics sector as Property Manager for ProLogis Italy.

Two years later, he went on to become Senior Property Manager, where he stayed until 2011 assuming the role of Special Attorney for 23 Italian companies. In November 2011, he joined Segro Plc as Project Manager for Italian developments. Within two years, he was also involved in French new developments for Vailog which was acquired by Segro Plc meanwhile.

During his time at Segro, he developed roughly 2,2 million sqft of built-to-suit logistics and light industrial buildings and managed overall capitals of 150 million Euros.

Gianluca managed construction projects for multiple occupiers, among which Nokia (Italy), OVS (Italy), TNT (Paris), Leroy Merlin (Italy), Lidl (Lyon).

Gianluca is based in the Italian Office.